The largest worldwide skatepark directory

At, We know that skaters are using different sites to find places to skate, because there is no consistency in the quality of the sites they visit. The typical skatepark directory has a lot of parks with half-reliable and limited information. We want to make one high quality reliable source to pass on to the next generation, all the awesome experiences we have had ourselves through our years on wheels.

We know this is extensive, and we need your help – get involved in the skate-revolution stands for the values of the skater. We idolise independence and value cooperation and learning through belonging. Over our many years of skating skateparks all over the globe, we have managed to understand the core of beliefs:

  • Every skater needs somewhere
  • Every skater gets experiences/relationships for life
  • Every skater grows as a result of experience will make these experiences shared and connected. And we hope that you will take part. If you are a local, chances are you know more than we do about the local skateparks. Pass on your knowledge, like you would for any new skater standing in the skatepark looking shy. You are making a huge contribution by helping other skaters find their place to belong.

Founded in copenhagen

The founders Mikkel & Jakob, met each other in 2010 through their passion of rollerblading. Traveling on skatetrips together, they where always eager to find new skateparks and experiences. On the side of skating and travelling, Mikkel made websites and kept developing his digital strategi-skills. Jakob was studying business and working in big companies to get experience.

in 2013 they decided to build the largest skatepark directory in Scandinavia. It became a huge success which has been shown over 1 million times to skaters all over the world. But when the site had been operating for a year, they changed direction.

In 2014-2016 they both founded a consumer subscription e-commerce brand, where Jakob was the front figure CEO developing the business side, and Mikkel worked as digital nomad, developing, coding and designing while travelling the world (probably also his rollerblading skills).

In 2016 they both sold their shares of the consumer brand to their partners, worked as consultants and by the end of 2016 founded ApS.