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Skatein.com is a worldwide source for you to find awesome skating and riding experiences. You can explore skateparks in your local area, plan a skatetrip, or look for that special obstacle you always wanted to try.

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Because Skatein.com can’t visit all skateparks at once, we found most of the skateparks by talking to other like-minded skaters and riders. We hope that you will participate and help us out in finding new skateparks. Try finding the skateparks you know on ‘All Skateparks‘. If we don’t have it, help us make the guide even more comprehensive by Adding a Skatepark. You help all skaters find new skateparks and help create awesome skate experiences all around the globe.


Any skatepark added & approved will automatically be joining the competition of winning a GoPro HERO5. To join you can either:

Multiple entries are allowed and higher your chances to win.

You can read the competition rules here

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The biggest skatepark directory in the world is built on collaborations with skaters, their parents, and professionals in the industry. It could not have been done without these people and on behalf of skate.in and the skaters of the world we give our gratitude, credit, and thanks to all of these people.

We pass on our knowledge from generation to generation and we hope that you will too. In skating, we learn from each other, because the best advice comes from experience. See ‘All Skateparks’ now

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