Project Management Intern at ApS

With our experience, we will teach you and provide all the tools necessary to do the tasks ranging from organizing big amount of data to SEO. We are looking for people who wants to learn, grow and make a difference

Monthly salary: Unpaid


  • Personal and professional growth; learning, books, guidance and network
  • A team of experienced entrepreneurs who have “done it before”
  • Completely crazy visions that you never dreamt was possible (don’t worry, we are the good guys) and a chance to make real changes
  • Flexibility in your work-life (work from anywhere), trust and responsibility

Be creative, invent your job

We are launching the biggest directory of skateparks in the world, and that is a lot of data to handle. We need help with organizing of pictures, descriptions and material we get from users and external partners as we are an open-sourced project.

Here are some of the tasks we need help with:

  • Collaborate with our team of virtual assistants to update skateparks
  • Research on skateparks, writing descriptions or optimizing SEO
  • Collaborate with external partners and organize material
  • Assist in the pre-launch and launch phase of a new digital solution
  • Ad hoc communication tasks
  • Ad hoc research tasks

Who are you?

As a team-member, we hope you will fall into our values;

  1. We value a drive, an eagerness to learn and grow as a person. We value opinion and that you can think for yourself

As an individual, we hope you will be:

  • A structural person, not afraid to take on responsibility
  • Always giving it all to the last drop to reach deadlines
  • Wanting more practical experience with SEO and how to build websites

A plus, but not a most: If you have an interest in skating, if you have design skills.

About ApS is the largest worldwide skatepark directory for all skaters to find a skatepark.

We know that skaters are using different sites to find places to skate, because there is no consistency in the quality of the sites they visit. The typical skatepark directory has a lot of parks with half-reliable and limited information. We want to change that.

Every skater needs to go somewhere. We want to make one high quality reliable source to pass on all the awesome experiences we have had ourselves.

About the team

The founders Mikkel & Jakob, both have founded multiple startups including a subscription e-commerce store they sold together and relevant for this project the biggest skatepark directory in Scandinavia.

We like to work digitally and have a team of 8 freelancers from around the globe, so we are basically creating our culture on SLACK and it doesn’t matter where you are physically. stands for the value of a skater. We value both independence and co-operation, personal and professional growth, the relationships we have and that we can help each other move forward.

Now we are ready to scale globally and we invite you to join our journey to change the world for skaters.

This sounds amazing, what should I do?

Just let us know that you are interested in helping out. It will get much more tangible by talking face-to-face. So if you’re still interested from the job description, let’s skype, e-mail or even meet. you can always contact us here:

Perks & Benefits

– Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
– Free coffee/tea: Get your caffeine fix for free
– Skill development program: We want to take you from good to great

Do you have other open positions?

We are so glad you asked! has one more open position, find it here: Marketing Intern in