Skateparks in Romania ()

Skateparks in Romania are probably not on your radar in terms of skate tourism destinations, but if you’re a local worth checking out. Here you will find a skate industry like rarely seen. Big parks like Skatepark Tineretului and other skateparks are just waiting for you to go there. Romania has 40+ skateparks and the bigger cities like Bucharest contains a variety of the city’s colourful spots. The skateparks in Romania are in general not in the best condition and is not well maintained, and it doesn’t seem like a lot is happening in terms of building new ones. But a skatepark is a skatepark, whether you are a BMX-rider, skateboarder, stunt scooter or rollerblader, Romania provides you with opportunities and only your imagination and creativity sets the limit. Here’s a list of all the skateparks in Bucharest and information that we have manage to find. Help us out if you know about a skatepark we don’t have here